MFGZ Handling for general aviation aircraft at Zurich Airport in Kloten | Motorfluggruppe Zürich MFGZ

MFGZ Handling for general aviation aircraft at Zurich Airport in Kloten

MFGZ Handling at Zurich Airport

We offer a low-cost solution for the compulsory handling for general aviation customers at Zurich Airport.

Our handling service for private aircraft is the perfect solution for aircraft owners and companies with a low volume of passengers e.g. turboprop aircraft like PC 12, Beach King Air, TBM, Piper Cayenne & Meridian or small busines jets and helicopters.

For private or training flights we offer a finely graded tarif chart, tailored to the special requirements of general aviation.

Jets & Turboprops

We support crews and dispatchers in implementing flights to Zurich. This comes with a wide range of useful extra services. 

Piston Aircraft

We provide compulsory transfer for pilots of small motorised aircraft at low rates. We are aware of the reduced requirements of general aviation and act as the first contact for VFR flight crews.


Helicopter arrivals are generally allocated to the Helipad West. We serve the remote heliport providing transfer to the general aviation building with particularly low-tarif conditions for training flights.

Handling services

The following services are available on request:

Business/General Aviation Services

  • Crew transportation (airside)
  • SLOT management
  • Catering*
  • Assistance with Border Control
  • Fuel services (JET A1 / AVGAS)*


*provided by 3rd party

The filing period for Handling requests is 24h before departure or arrival. We cannot guarantee to accept or arrange requests which are sent at short notice.

Passenger Services

  • Passanger transfer (airside)
  • Passenger lounge (GAC)
  • Assistance with accommodation
  • Assistance with public transport
  • Valet Parking Service
  • Wheelchair available

Ramp Services

  • Towing / Pushback*
  • ASU*
  • GPU*
  • De-icing*

Handling inquiries

Please let us know what kind of handling service you require:

Handling request    Price list

Operation hours and accessibilty (LT):
all year 08:00 bis 17:00 and during prior notified orders.

During our operation hours you can reach the
handling agent on duty by phone:  +41 79 899 22 11

Handling Team

Akil  Aravinth

Akil Aravinth

Handling Agent, Berufspilot i.A.

Yanick Bäbler

Yanick Bäbler

Handling Agent, Berufspilot i.A.

Fabio  Bieri

Fabio Bieri

Handling Agent

Roman Bischof

Roman Bischof

Handling Agent

Marcel Blank

Marcel Blank

Handling Agent, Privatpilot

Christian  De Rosnay

Christian De Rosnay

Handling Agent, Berufspilot i.A.

Christoph Hornstein

Christoph Hornstein

Teamleiter Handling, Vorfeld-Instruktor, Technische Administration Maintenance, Pilot

Rafael  Juen

Rafael Juen

Handling Agent

Manuel Moser

Manuel Moser

Handling Agent

Danilo Suvajdzic

Danilo Suvajdzic

Handling Agent, Berufspilot

VFR procedures

Zurich Airport provides useful information for VFR flight crews. Please be advised VFR Pilots will need to complete a  web-based introductory training  prior to landing in Zurich.

Zurich Airport website:

Information on private aviation

Charge regulations and calculator

Safety Video "Runway Incursion Prevention"

For up-to-date information on slots and approach charts please consult the VFR Manual Switzerland.

Getting to and departing from the GAC

Please note that passengers have to be dispatched via the General Aviation Center (GAC). No direct transfers to the main terminals at Zurich airport can be made. 

Taxis are only available at the GAC if ordered in advance. Please inform us of your intentions after landing so we can give you the very best assistance. 

If you wish to use public transport the tram station Zurich Flughafen Fracht  is only a five-minute walk from the GAC. You can buy a ticket at the vending machine located at the station.

Crew accommodation / Hotels

On request we can book rooms in hotels close to the airport. There are several hotels in the vicinity of the airport. Crews may often have reduced arline rates. 

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